Depression, causes, symptoms and treatment

Depression, causes, symptoms and treatment

signs of Depression and manic depression
In this busy life everyone is often in sadness, disgust, frustration face identical conditions. There is no reason sometimes stressful and often. we do not know the fact of that reason. These conditions are usually disappearing in a some days, but then comes the disappointment and disgust is necessary to treat it.We call it depression.

There are many Symptoms of  depressions that are vary and  also included in unhappy or despairs, the thing to be indignant, that makes entertainment and networking interactions also and makes physical exhaustion, anxiety, lack of sleep, and many more reasons are included.  Depression Medication is a debilitating and painful disease, many persons may also suffering from this very painful disease.

The rate of depression in women is more as compared to than men. For example a man and his close friend or relative of the patient in treatment are considered important. Depression is a disease that founds in every society.In US University of Michigan researchers says depression is a chemical in the brain of the victims of hungers, stress control is concerned, the problem is very much lacking. Neuropeptide depression in small amounts in the brain, so the chances are multiplied and it is serious. 

This disease may be hereditary. Mental health experts say that a common cause of depression, difficulties and circumstances in the life, but it can also be a hereditary problem. Moreover, it is also concerned with food and medicines. Side effects of medications may appear on our mind and body.

Many Experts says that stress intensifies the person suffering from it is prepared to commit suicide. It does seem obsessed with thoughts, but his close friend or a trusted person speaks his mind and explain how it will benefit. Psychologists also say that your anxiety or depression than normal writing activities can be obtained from the gradual emancipation. 

This disease remains appropriate and timely treatment is the prevalence of the disease in developing countries like Pakistan have continued, but its diagnosis and prevention efforts are rarely seen. It's a big reason why people have to be aware of this disease. Most patients do not go to the doctor, because according to them it is not a disease but a temporary condition.
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