Making More Than 20 Pages on The Blogger

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Blogger as of now has astonishing components for bloggers however there are some impediment which are not satisfactory in some cases. What's more, one of the restriction is that you can just make 20 Static pages and in this article i will tell in what capacity would you be able to make more than 20 pages.

You heard it right, you are going to figure out how to include more than 20 Pages. Once in a while you may require more pages on the tabs, it's the place your site page's connection are arranged ordinarily. All the static pages that you need to show are there yet the point of confinement is 20 static pages for each website.

We should come to the heart of the matter and figure out how to get more than 20 pages on your site.

The thought

The basic however successful thought is to make a blog entry, antedate it so it doesn't show up on the landing page of your web journal. And afterward utilize the connection of the post to make new page, not static but rather pick the Web Address alternative and put the connection to post in it's URL field and Save it. On the off chance that you don't get it, then the instructional exercise is beneath.

Making a post

This won't be an ordinary blog entry on your website. Alter the post and put whatever you need (this will be work as the page). Presently when you are done written work the post you need to antedate it so it doesn't show up on the landing page as another page.

Predate the post

To predate the post, click on Schedule under Post Settings. Select the 'Set Date and Time' and pick a past date and snap Done. The post will be presently chronicled yet recollect, don't duplicate the connection before change the post date. Since the center of the URL relies on upon it's date for instance :

2012 in URL is the year and 05 is the month, yet when you change the date, the date in the URL likewise get's changed. Make sure to get the connection which focuses to the date which you have set the date of the post.

Utilizing the post as page

The capacity to put a web address as a tab gives the birth to this trap. You possibly thinking how would we be able to utilize a post as a page ? That is simple. Take after the progressions underneath :

Go to your Blogger Dashboard - > Pages

Click on the New Page drop down catch

Select Web Address from the alternative

Compose the Title you need it to show up on pages tab and the URL to the Post

That is it, now you can Save it.

blogger pages including web address into tabs

At the point when all is well you can check the new additional page on your web journal and with this technique you can make the same number of pages as you need.

Evacuating the date

Utilizing this trap gives a complete impact of a static page on the online journal yet the date you will see on the post page doesn't make it look totally like a static page. However, we have a reasonable answer for that, including CSS that will conceal the date will work incredible.




.date-header {display:none;}


On the off chance that you include this CSS in your layout code then date on all post will stow away and on the grounds that that you need to place it at a strange spot, into the HTML of the post. Open the Post in Post Editor, switch to HTML view, look to the base and Paste the HTML/CSS code toward the end.
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