Main Causes and treatment of heartburn

Main Causes and treatment of heartburn

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Heartburn is a digestive disorder is a form of such irritation occurs. This is the companion issue of the acidic substance and the digestive tract by food substances come back in the groove. This is not the protective membrane, So there is inflammation and pain.

If untreated it grows so jealous cause of esophageal cancer is in the body and burn it to the upper part of the chest behind the sternum The factors that lead to heartburn smoking, quit school before taking over losing Kosovo, especially at night and excess weight around the waist and bend over wearing.

 However, the latest research includes top forty of those who did not smoke and are not overweight so they had heartburn for a long time.

However, this idea is still common in the people discomfort associated lifestyles, so that the people complain of heartburn, they should change your diet should pay attention to health and the anthracite s burden, and if smoking increases the risk of heartburn is also increase. They such should avoid succumbing to the burden on the stomach is also advised patients that chocolate, toffee, high fat food, gas, tomato and orange juice mix beverages and avoid as much as possible. 

Some researchers say chewing the digestive system is to break the harmful acidic substances and also that eating more vegetables and a good diet to include more fiber stuff View Post was believed that drinking milk is the same way reduces stomach acid Peppermint useful for the heartburn route worth considering that this is harmful.

About the treatment of heartburn is also relied. The gold advice it is said that we should knees firm foam mattress for better health and irritation we use various drugs is wrong and it should only be used for medical advice.
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