usage of mobile phones in social sites
The use of smart phones is increasing day by day but a problem with most people is facing the mobile battery is very soon or else their mobile very 'slow'. A security ties AVG Technologies Company stating the cause of the problem using the Facebook app in the app is an app to use the most battery cell with the 'slow' speed also.

After reviewing more than a million of Android, the company says the Facebook app is running in the background all the time, load status, notifications, etc. is declining rapidly due to batter by the same

way other media Apps, various games, music and movies quickly reduce battery life.
The company's Chief Technology Officer Yuval Ben-Itzhak said some companies say consumers deceived them that by installing mobile can be sharpened, but actually all the apps much faster battery eats. It says that if people use apps clever smart Fu n then their battery is effective.
AVG Technologies is a set of apps that eat battery goes something like this:

Apple's Smart Watch came to the fore extremely powerful feature

1. facebook more
2. Spotify
3. Instagram
4. Path
5. Amazon Shopping

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