5G Technology

Scientists are now using greatest technology from a mobile to mobile data transmission with the fastest and very high speed record is made.

Innovation Centre of the University of Surrey in the UK a tyrabt V, i.e. a trillion digits that were transferred to a second set of data to several thousand times higher than the current speed Non-domestic news agency,

According to BBC News Scientists hope that by 2018 it will be made public, while by 2020 this technology will be available in the UK.Not even one percent of the speed of the new arrangement, technology support a TB PS 100 times the size of a feature film in just three seconds battalion will be loaded and present speed forge download 65 thousand times faster than either technology.

According to news website V V III rahm tfazuly director of ICT said "We have made 10 more technique and one from one of them we would not be able bps wireless lines". The fiber optics in the same content is the ability to move, but they are doing it without wire.

Professor Rahm tfazuly team equipment in the laboratory tested to 100 meters, however, the successful introduction of this technology to the public at various locations in the University will further experiments. Professor Rahm tfazuly say now that this step is the real world outside the laboratory environment will be possible to achieve the same speed or not.

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