Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge's
both are best smart phones and latest models that has new come on in market and the scene in less than a week left and confidential information such as the prices of these smart phones come to the surprise that has been exciting for the fans.

What apps on your mobiles puts the highest are not always easy security company customers Samsung that  launched their new models in March in Barcelona (Spain) to introduce the technology website Ars Technica has already revealed their value.

According to the website of the three kinds of models with different storage capacity will be introduced.

These three types and their value is as follows:

  • 32 GB S6 price of $ 849 (Rs tqryba84900pakstany) respectively, while the S6 Edge price of $ 963 (approx Rs 96300) respectively.

  • 64 GB S6 price of $ 963 (approx Rs 96300 Pakistan), while the value of S6 Edge 1076 (approximately 107600 PKR) is the dollar.

  • 128 GB S6 price of $ 1076 (approximately 107600 PKR), while the value of S6 Edge 10189 (approximately 1018900 PKR) is the dollar.

It also reports that the company focus on new technology and style giving the S6 Edge and the number would be about 30 percent of total production.

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