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Four important Foods that you often used are very poison for your health

There are some foods that we eat very much, but actually extremely dangerous for us. New we will tell you about certain foods.

1. Biscuits

The white flour, sugar, Edible Vegetable Oil, salt, vitamins and health food color used to say that white flour takes a long time to digest too much grease in the oil due to gastrointestinal us is hard on.

2. The stuffing

Often a variety of snacks rice stuffing is used, has found that in the stoberry syrup pack, crushed strawberry, strawberry syrup, Pine Apple and Mango Crush and starch are added says health different amounts of glucose in the human body is extremely dangerous its use, as well as our appetite, we are exhausted.

3. Always ready meals

The use of oil, salt, sugar, RT fusion flavors, ginger paste, etc., used to say secure food during synthetic chemicals are used in many ways that our health Certainly not a good use of their negative impact on our stomach.

4. Packaged soups

Are easily available in the market when the soup is very popular in this make-packed soup Corn Syrup, Vegetable oil, salt, sugar, artificial flavors, vegetable protein, etc., used to say that such them in a situation that is not good for the stomach and the human body.

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