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your heart beats is converted into faster and faster similarly your vines are also constricted and your blood pressure also increasing very fast adrenal glands problem is also pump out, your smooth muscles are also relaxed your metabolic rate is also going to increases, your brain activity is completely changed.

It is also says that Nicotine is very hard and effective drug. By using it that wills create a situation in your brain to more and more use in your need. When you use it more and more it creates more side effects for your health and at the last stage it will kill you very badly. 

Nicotine is a very powerfully and most toxic drug with compared to the other drugs. In only one cigarette have contains about 10mg of nicotine. Nicotine effect on your health depends on the type of cigarette that you used and on your puffs also that you takes during the smoking. Nicotine damaged very badly the body organ system and it also decreases your sexual desire.  in the beginning these changes are unpleasant and after the passing of time it creates problems for your health.

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In the beginning stage of smokers usually experience these effects on their health like that Nausea, Dizziness, Headache problem, coughing, with the unpleasant symptoms on your body. Peoples that smoke continuously then they converted into the symptoms and then become too ill very badly. many peoples does not feel the negative effects in long  time then after the passing of time the effect of nicotine on their body or organs the become too ill in cheats problem or mouth cancer also. the smoker always feel the pleasurable physiological effects with the using of smoking like that Relaxation, stress relief and alertness and many more also.

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By the psychological effects it provides many positive type of stuffing and then the smoking becomes the habit for the smokers.

Smoking is a main health potential danger that damages the health very fast. Smoking creates the more chances in your body to increase the number of diseases in your body and creates many chances of your death and illness. The well know surgeon says that:

“The main thing of diseases in your body that creates your death chances is a smoking in the society”

About 80% smokers accept that smoking is a main fact that is very harmful for the health. Whenever a smoker smokes then the smoker invites many diseases like that heart attack, lungs cancer and many more illness problems. 

Near about 2% lucky smokers who safe their lives by quit smoking. When a smoker smoking a cigarettes then on each cigarettes the smoker harm his body on each time
each and every time when a smoker uses the cigarette.


Smokers creates long time illness in there body than a nonsmokers.
There are number of diseases that developed in the body like that

  • Lungs cancer
  • Bronchitis problem
  • Emphysema
  • Mouth cancer
  • Throat Cancer
  • Balder cancer
  • Esophageal cancer
  • Pancreas cancer
  • Kidney disease
  • Heart attack / heart diseases
  • Peptic ulcer diseases 
  • Ulcer disease
  • Allergies
  • Decreased the immune system in body
  • Decreased sperm rate
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Increasing the miscarriage and still born births by smoking

By quitting smoking the great majority of negative health can be reduced by the eliminated it.

But how to quit smoking?

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Make plan with adopting the health lifestyle, in which eating on the time, exercising with daily routine, giving your time to the family and your friends. These steps increase the chances to develop your other parts of body. Develop your quitting smoking plan in a good time table.
Experts say that the main thing of quitting smoking is cold turkey. Throwing your cigarettes away from you and then not smoke your plane you should write quitting date and then quitting.
You ask to yourself that what cigarette gives me a healthy body or damage the organs of body. in the first day you use coffee after eating the dinner and also use coffee after the break also not to smoke during the each times of these times. Never smoke these times set a quit date and then to do it. Your mind must be to quit smoking. When you have quit smoking on the same time your body will make to develop organs of body in the repaired condition. in half hour of your last smoke cigarette, your blood pressure and heart rate both are begins to move in back stage of normal condition. Due to carbon monoxide levels in your blood back to the normal and oxygen move to increasing in your body.

  1. in your blood pressure the carbon monoxide level moves in normal and normal condition.
  2. During the 3 to 14 weeks your blood circulation and lungs functionality is begins to improved.
  3.  in the first year of quitting smoking your risk of  heart attack is reduced by the half percent. 
  4. At the 5 years of quitting smoking the risk is reduced as the same as a person who never smoked in his life.
  5.  in 10 years of quitting your lungs cancer problem is also reduced.
  6.  at the 15 years of quitting smoking heart diseases are reduced as similar to the nonsmoker.

smoking makes heart attack

Main Advantages of quitting smoking.

- Food taste makes better
- You have more energy of healthy body
- Your body smell mouth smell won't same just like a smoker
- Your money is also save
- Your lifestyle is better and now you have no longer addicted to the cigarettes.

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