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In America near about 52 million peoples smoking cigarettes near about 400000 People in America dies in every year due to smoking of disease or sickness smoking of only one Cigarette shorten your life 14-minutes in each time when you smoke.

There are many bad effects on the health of men/women like that Limited Smells of smoke Chest infection problems have greater chance due to smoking there are greater number of chance developing the cancer due to smoking. There are Greater number of chance  of blindness more and more we chances of pale gray of skin problems.

Smoking plays a big role of confusion in the life of smokers the smoker’s feels that their life is pleasant and relaxing but their life became very badly stage to gone. Smokers also know that it is a serious problem for their health and also serious health hazard but they not try to quite the smoking.

Anti Smoking is best for health

In all over the world about 39 states have law to forced that not smoke at the public places smokers always outcasts by the others when you quit smoking you should be know all about its side effects. Nicotine that effects badly on the health of smokers, research’s shows that this provides a very bad psychological effects on the health.

When a smoker smokes a cigarette then he/she takes near about 10 puffs. In each pack have contains 20 cigarettes and When a one pack smoked by the smoker in one day then 10x20=200 puffs. Each of the puff of the nicotine reaches the smokers brain the time near about within 7 seconds that damaged the brain cells also when the nicotine enters in the brain then it affects the most powerfully chemical cells.

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Due this reason it creates the problems for the people but they do not feel they feel that enhancing pleasure, decreasing anxiety and feel the Relaxation at that stage. Smoking of cigarette in each time is very badly effects on the life of smokers.

When a smoker asked about the smoking then he/she always says that smoking helps for the concentration, reducing the brain tension, helping for the body relaxation, decreasing the feelings of distress, helping to reducing the weight loss, increasing the body level of energy.

 Due to advantages of all of these rewards there is no need to quit the smoking. When a smoker again and again smokes he/she becomes the habit and do not thinks about it.

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Smoking is not a habit it is drug dependence situation. When a person smokes then the nicotine add all of its drug situation desire more and more to increase the habit and smoker habit converted into more and more situation of smoking. When a smoker smokes then on each puff nicotine affects badly on each of the organ system of the smoker body very badly.........(con)

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