Saving Children Life in Haiti / Haiti Children Needs Emergency Health Treatment

In Haiti, an estimated twenty-five percent of the country has been damaged by Hurricane Matthew. Some three hundred to 800 individuals have been killed, and up to 29, 000 homes, schools and other structures were broken or destroyed. The health, education and protection needs are massive, with an estimated 750, 000 people requiring urgent assistance. We all are especially concerned for vulnerable children, including some 2, 000 kids segregated from their families, children at risk of dangerous cholera, or more to 140, 000 children out of school.

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Haiti Children Health Treatment
Save the Kids work in Haiti ranges more than 40 years. Currently in this problems, we now have deployed emergency responders, as well as our Emergency Health Unit, well staffed by doctors and health experts from around the world. We are dedicated to delivering food, hygiene sets and other urgently needed supplies, suppressing any cholera outbreak, protecting vulnerable children, and continued needs evaluation to meet immediate needs, restore education and more. Earlier this week, we deployed an unexpected emergency Response Group and our Emergency Wellness Unit, staffed by doctors and experts from around the world centering on:

Haiti Children Education And Life

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Saving Children Life in Haiti

Cholera prevention and basic health services.

Setting up "child-friendly spaces" to provide children unable to go to school with a safe and protected space preserved trained staff, while their parents deal with the aftermath of the tornado.
Stockpiling non-food items including hygiene kits, baby items, household kits, mosquito netting and jerry cans, which is used in coming times.

Given the extreme low income and unemployment in Haiti, a natural consequence is the prevalence of weakness. The consequences are severe and permanent, as under nourished children are never as intelligent, never as extra tall, rather than as healthy - this limits their future opportunities and so perpetuates a vicious cycle of thankfully.

  • 1 in 5 children in Haiti are underweight - 220, 000 children
  • 1 in 10 children in Haiti are wasting- 110, 000 children
  • you in 3 children are stunted
  • 1 in 18 children die before age group five years- the greatest under five mortality rate in the Western Hemisphere

The good news is that malnutrition can usually be treated, provided the intervention is early enough in the child's life. Malnutrition in Haiti in the late 90's and the early 2000's would be treated with fortified milk powder mixed with clean water, thus needing in clinic treatments. This kind of solution was only 25% effective very costly, often being practically $500/child. The limited number of clinics and healthcare budget and distance from village communities supposed that several children were needlessly dying without usage of treatment.

Haiti Children Future

In 2003, Medical professional Pat Wolff, a doctor from St Louis, UNITED STATES, after 15 years of voluntary medical work in Haiti, was tired of seeing children die from malnutrition and chosen to found MFK, an organization to combat this challenge. Her colleague had successfully analyzed a revolutionary new treatment in Malawi with fortified peanut butter, and found impressive recovery rates of 80% at a cost of ~$70 / child. MFK brought this treatment to Haiti, and Medika Mamba 'Peanut Butter Medicine' in Creole) was delivered!
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