Nine Non-Muslim Pakistanis Who Have Done Right By Us

Pakistan comes in the main ten nations with the biggest populaces on the planet, holding a spot at number six. This expansive populace of Pakistan constitutes of residents originating from different religions, under one banner.

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Nine Non-Muslim Pakistani

Despite the fact that Pakistan was made to be an Islamic express, our organizer Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, opened Pakistan for all religions. Much the same as Islam is intended to have regard for all religions, Pakistan is a mix of various religions all meeting up. Thus, on this Independence Day, HTV might want to commend the non-Muslim Pakistanis who have done right by us throughout the years.


He was Pakistan's fourth boss equity from 1960 until 1968. He was a Christian by confidence and was charged into the Indian Civil Service furthermore named Assistant Commissioner in West Punjab. In Lahore High Court 1943, he began his legal vocation which drove him to join the Justice Department. He additionally served as the law secretary for Law Minister Jogendranath Mandal and Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan. He was additionally chosen as the eighth director of the Board of Control for Cricket in Pakistan (BCCP) from 1960 to 1963.


They were a standout amongst the most popular groups in the 1980's. Nareesa, Shabana and Beena Victor were the three little girl of Benjamin Victor, who took their dad's first name to title their band. They sung numerous melodies on TV all through 80's and 90's. They gave us acclaimed tunes like Gari Slow Chalana Baboo and our healthy national tune Is ParchamKe Sai Taley.


She was one of the top driving performing artists of Pakistani silver screen in its initial days. She was the ruler of silver screen for over 20 years. She gave Pakistan most its evergreen movies, for example, Aaina, Bandish, Chanda, Aakhri Station, Andaleeb and Dooriyan. She wedded Robin Ghosh and moved to Bangladesh.


He is a standout amongst the most famous names in Pakistan's mold industry. He has been perceived globally and is viewed as an acclaimed mold master. He likewise made Pakistan pleased by setting his name in the Guinness Book of Records by making the world's biggest kurta. The kurta was 101-feet-long, 59-feet-3-inches wide and weighed 800 kg.


She is a main English writer from Pakistan. She is a Parsi and is best known for her work to be teamed up with Indo-Canadian movie producer Deepa Mehta. She is most acclaimed for her novel Ice Candy Man which she wrote in 1991, and later turned into the reason for Mehta's film Earth in 1998. Her novel Water was propelled from Mehta's 2005 film Water.


He was a main Pakistani daily paper journalist, social lobbyist, and humanitarian. He had a place from Karachi, along these lines his segments were in the nation's most established day by day English daily paper, Dawn. He was additionally the director of the Cowasjee Group. Due to being occupied with numerous humanitarian exercises, he was considered as an old "watchman" of the city Karachi. Organization of Business Administration (IBA) propelled the Ardeshir Cowasjee Center for Writing in his respect in Karachi on November 3, 2013.


She has been an exceptionally renowned name in the TV business of Pakistan for a considerable length of time. Be it Sultana of Angan Tehra or Bibi of Tanhaniyan, this craftsman has made a colossal showing with regards to in filling chuckling in our lives with her fantastic acting aptitudes. She is particularly known to be a character of the elderly age on TV yet many individuals don't have information to how profoundly related she is in the field of training. She did her middle and graduation from Kinnaird College in Lahore and later picked to the University of Baltimore in USA for her MBA. Be that as it may, she didn't stop there. She accomplished her PhD from the University of Toledo, Ohio in Educational Administration. She additionally has coordinate connections with Prithviraj Chauhan.


She is one of the top models of Pakistan. She has been a centerpiece to a number of the first rate Pakistani form fashioners and additionally acted a main part in shows like Mera Saein. She is currently hitched to Ahmed Hassan.


This name is not known to numerous but rather she is my very own individual pride. She is a popular artist and co-choreographer to many stage plays in Pakistan and abroad. Seeing her dramatic has dependably been a treat, as she resembles a swan on her feet. She has been the main artist to plays, for example, Avanti, CinderJutt, Sorry Juliet Romeo Loves Paro and she appeared globally in Ajaanta.

There are numerous more identities that are non-Muslims and have beaten themselves as Pakistanis to hail our country's name with pride. We respect you, not simply today but rather for all the days you have been there to do right by us Pakistanis.
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