You can get easily more then 50% Marks in NTS Using these Tips.

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MCQ's Solution Tips

1. Elimination Method

Use Elimination Method in your MCQ's. First you select thsoe who are not be true.
It is also known as 3E's Method. After That Select your true that is fourth.

2. Forward Mehtod: Use Forward method to solve your NTS Test paper then leave those questions that you cannot solve easily.After Solving that you come back to the remaining questions.
How many questions you attempt true.

Attempt All the questions.
First attempt your easily questions that are easy for you to attempt.

What is Elimination Method: This is a method in which you not know your true answer But you can using your common sence you can choose those options that you 100% sure that will not be true. If you can do that then you can choose the true answer easily.

Akbar was born .........?

a) in 1542
b) in 800
c) in 1920
d) in 400

if you use your common sence then you can eliminate your options that are not be true. This is also known as Probability. use your all of privouse knowledge to try your answer choose correct.

Five Important Tips:

  1. TIME: Divide your time to your questions. Try to save your time for those that are more difficult for you.
  2. PRACTICE: Try to Practice daily by the elimination Technique. Try to practice get more knowledge
  3. CONTROL: Use your psychological control to choice the most matching choice.
  4. QUESTIONS: Try to understand those question that are difficult to answer. But those can be easily by question type.
  5. SECRET: In many cases the fourth option comes d) None of these no tick on this.

How To Pass MCQs TEST Like NTS Using These Tips

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