Hands Feet Beauty Cream Formula

How To Make Hands Feet Cream At Home

You can now easily make cream at your home. You can use this Cream Formula For your Hands and Feet. This is best hands feet Whitening Cream Formula and you will get result within 20 Days.

-گھر پر ھاتھ پاوں کی کریم بناییۓ

Now you can make this easy formula at your home. This is Low Price Cream Formula For Whitening your hands and feet.

Steps To Make Cream on your Home

First You Need These Creams 

  1. Betnovate Cream
  2. Dermovate Cream
  3. Haldi Chandan Cream

Mix All of These Three Creams and use These Creams in Night.

Before Using these Mix Cream Formula Wash your Hands and Feed With Your Soap.

Not Use Anyone Else of this Soap.

File:Betnovate Cream.svg
Betnovate Cream

File:Dermovate Cream.svg
Dermovate Cream

File:Haldi Chandan Cream.svg
Haldi Chandan Cream
ان تمام کاریموں کو میکس کر کے رات کو سونے سے پھلے استمال کریں۔ 

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Anonymous said...

PLEASE help me to find the haldi chand cream in india .
can you please post the detail photo of cream ?
and please tell me can i buy this cream online?
Thanks in advance

world entertainment said...

HALDI CHANDAN Cream is available in Pakistan. This is indian Product. This cream can be purchased by online using search on google from india.

Thank you...!

Anonymous said...

sorry but i am not able to find the the cream can you please post the clear photo so that we can see the brand name pf this cream

world entertainment said...


Unknown said...

Can we use any other cream instead of haldi chandan cream, as it's not available here in Bangladesh?

world entertainment said...

you can use Fair and Lovely also if Haldi Chandan is not available in Your Country.

world entertainment said...

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Hania said...

kya in sb creams k sth hum dermovate bhe use kr skty hain?

Hania said...

Fair n lovely
Vitamin e capsule
still mans

kya isy use use kr skty hain hum for skin whitening kis ka result ziyada acha ha?

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