Altaf Hussain Very Hate Speech Against Pakistan

Altaf Hussain is the leader of MQM Political party in karachi Pakistan. On 22-08-2016 Altaf hussain speech in karachi in the workers of MQM party. Then he speaks Against the PAKISTAN. On his dirty Tongue. The video of the Altaf Hussain is in URDU Speeking. This Video shows the complete about his real face.

In This video the Altaf hussain Says :

  • Pakistan is Not Good For all Over the World.
  • Pakistan is the Sector of the Terrorist in all over the world.

He is Says also another many bad words Against the Pakistan.

Every Pakistani hates to the Altaf Hussain. Because Altaf Hussain is the Killer of many Pakistanies. Some other his party members leave his party.

After this Speech his many party members leave because they are true Pakistanies and they love their Countries. But some of the Party members who are the dangerous for the pakistan are in the party of MQM.

Video OF Altaf Hussin Bad Speech Againt Pakistan

Altaf Hussain is Terrorist for the Pakistan

Please Give Your Feedback About Altaf Hussain

Farooq Sattar is the main Leader of MQM in the PAKISTAN.

There are many cases on Altaf hussain.Due to these reasons Altaf hussain is in LONDON.

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