The General Insurance History Rating And Ranking

General Insurance- Types and Providers

Insurance provides protection to financial loss. It manages risk created by this loss and provide control to worst situation by giving financial help. There are number of insurance companies existing in each country and provide different insurance policies on their terms.

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Insurance companies in USA

USA has world’s biggest market of insurance on basis of premium value i.e. if worldwide written gross premiums are 100 than 27% belongs to United States. Companies have been given ranks in USA in different number of ways. Ranking has been done on the basis of their market value in the stock exchange or through net premium figures on the basis of policies that has been sold to the customer.

The General Insurance History Rating and Ranking HD Logo
The General Insurance History Rating and Ranking HD Logo

Top insurance companies

Ranking basis:

·    Market value of the company

Ranking on the basis of market value of the companies on the world stock exchange are as following:

Company Name
Market value
Nature of insurance
Berkshire Hathaway
$308 billion
Non Health
United Healthcare
$91.8 billion
China Life Insurance
$80 billion
Non Health
$76.8 billion
Non Health
American International Group
$72.3 billion
Non Health
$59.4 billion
Non Health
$57.8 billion
Non Health
ING Groep
$54.4 billion
Non Health
$34.3 billion
$29.8 billion

·       Sale of policies of the company

Ranking on the basis of sales of insurance policies to the customers affected by property damages.

Property damages:

Property damages deals with the liability occur due to accident causing injury to the property which affects its market value and on this basis ranking of top insurance companies is as follow:

Company Name
Net premium on the basis of sale value
State Farm Group
$50.8 billion
Allstate Insurance Group
$24.8 billion
Liberty Mutual
$21.5 billion
Berkshire Hathaway
$21.4 billion
Travelers Group
$20.6 billion

·       Direct premium of companies:
Health insurance companies ranking based on total direct premium of company is as follows:
Company Name
Total direct  premium on the basis of sale value
United Healthcare
$66.8 billion
Wellpoint Group
$55.7 billion
Kaiser Permanente
$443.7 billion
$21.7 billion
$21.7 billion

Life insurance companies rating:

Rating of life insurance companies are different than general insurance theses rating are on the basis of stability of the company, policies, additional services and customer support is as follow:

Company Name
American General
American National Insurance company
Banner Life
Foresters Life Insurance
American Company for Life and Health Insurance
Protective Life Insurance Company

Types of Insurance

General Insurance

General insurance does not come under life insurance, so it is also known as non-life insurance. In USA it is known as casualty and property. General insurance aid us financially in case of any mishap by accident, theft or any natural disaster etc. By general insurance people feel comfort and protected.

Vehicle insurance:

Vehicle insurance is necessary in most states of USA, and negligence may cause suspension of driving license. It includes motorcycles, cars and other vehicles. Mostly policies liability covers both property and human injury in accidents; there are following top vehicle insurance companies are as follow:

  1. State Farm
  2. GEICO
  3. Progressive
  4. Allstate
  5. USAA
  6. Esurance
  7. Nationwide
  8. AAA
  9. Liberty Mutual
  10. AARP/Hartford

Health insurance:

Health insurance take care of expenses which arises due to health crisis or medical uncertainty; following are the top health insurance companies:

  •         United Healthcare
  •         Wellpoint Group
  •         Kaiser Permanente
  •         Humana
  •         Aetna

Commercial insurance:

Commercial insurance protect business loss causing by certain circumstances, theft or damage property.

There are top commercial insurance companies:

·        American International Group
·        Travelers Companies Inc.
·        Liberty Mutual      
·        Zurich Insurance Group
·        ACE Ltd.
·        CNA Financial Corp.
·        Nationwide Mutual Group
·        Chubb Corp.         
·        Hartford Financial Services          
·        Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

Disability insurance
It protects the income which is earned by beneficiary but sometime the disability causes a barrier in completion of work.

 Temporary insurance
Insurance which insure something for short period of time called temporary insurance.

Online insurance quote
Insurance companies give statement online of the amount of money for providing insurance for something e.g.   liberty Mutual give Car Insurance Quotes;

          “Learn what you need to get the best auto insurance policy for you.”

Term life insurance quote:

Term life insurance mean insurance of life for specific time in limited amount. Companies also give term life insurances and for it give a specific quote .e.g.  State Farm gives quote as;

             “Small Cost. Big Protection” 

Best Insurance policy qualities:

Ø  Guarantees the payment of loss
Ø  Never become gambling
Ø  Policy insured by maximum people
Ø  Easy payment to customer on crisis
Ø  Evaluation of risk before insuring
Ø  Ensure risk sharing to customer

Two top insurance company other than USA

NationalGeneral insurance company:

NGI is one of the leading companies in UAE, recognized as a fully accredited National Insurer and rated “A-(Excellent)” by AM Best and “BBB+” by S&P.

National Insurance Agency:
National Insurance Agency is one of the top company located of UK its rate is A+.

How to reduce General car insurance to cheapest car insurance:

General car insurance reduces to cheapest car insurance by following ways:

  •     Less vehicle towing
  •     Remove vehicle hire
  •        Maximum deductible

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