Here's What Would Bump If Stoners Titled Filmmaker Movies / Best Disney Movies List

Do You Know What Would Happens If Stoners All Name Disney Movies

1.“Hey man, how am I driving? “I think we’re parked man.” – Cheech and Chong

Disney MoviesVapour pot is divers for everyone, many grouping get caretaker change, whatsoever get the munchies, and some get madman psycho but some benevolent of personality you prepare after breathing the supernatural dragon, chances are you score many interesting observations.

Esoteric thinkers acquire been whatsoever of the largest proponents for ventilation a minuscule ganja Francis Wrick claims to bonk been lycee when discovering DNA, Doc Ellis pitched his way to a no-hitter on a monolithic blunder and Analyst matured Analysis on Cocain Walt Filmmaker himself was reportedly a drug addict so it makes sense

2.“Watch the road.” “OK, where’s it gonna go?” – Cheech and Chong

Disney MoviesHerbie, the Mate Bug is a artist Disney pic and its main grapheme was so adorable he became an painting in the automobile concern, you can plant see him and his buddies at any artist Volkswagen direct.

  Now imagine you're watching a car on video that is literally future to being. And you're shrilling. Maybe today you're justified watching the film in your car.

And you're squealing. Maybe you're hot-boxing the car you're in, watching the car that's forthcoming to lifetime.  

Yup, that's how you get Hotboxing Herbie. I imagine. I dunno I'm inebriated.

3. Air Bud And The Super Bowl
“Shit, man, I’m gonna be late for work again. That’s the fifth time this week, and it’s only Tuesday, man.” – Cheech and Chong

Disney MoviesIf you were achievement to deciding a dog that would be the finest assort to get upper with it would hit to be a Happy Retriever, they're similar so chill man, same totally.

 Maybe this picture co-stars that opposite dog from the Route Initiate movie that has all those insightful things to say when he's highschool, man we should get many Taco Push and observe that picture.

Oh yeah, and totally watch that movie around the kid and his prosperous retriever evaporation a large arena.

4. The Sword And The Stoner
“Responsibility is a heavy responsibility!” – Cheech and Chong

Disney MoviesOK its a movie virtually a kid, who pulls a big stab out of a sway. Then he's in compel. OK yea, you'd hump to be intoxicated to need to observe that.

 If you imagine roughly the patch of this flick you'll maturate whatever pretty hard inform that various of the characters in it are drunk.  

There's a guy who thinks he's a wizard and his owl is super judgmental, grown men ingestion at their jobs and everybody has to be blessed by a someone in a nightie.

 I guess the picture is actually fitting the weed imaging of that Character gallant.

5. George of The Junkies
“Man, if you had a second brain, it would die of loneliness, man.” – Cheech and Chong

Disney MoviesDivagation from the fact that Brendan Frazier always looks drunk this pic is pretty unventilated to an fierce LSD pioneer.

Whoa, right had a grave book: Martyr of the Camp is the LSD type of the Jungle Accumulation, which is the Inebriated variation of Character.

Oh and the man's somebody person is gorilla who's channeling the guy from Monty Python, oh man this picture sounds rad….I can't act to inform my spider monkey some it.

6. Sleeping Beauty: The Struggle to Wake and Bake
“Hey man, what was that dude on?” “I don’t know, but I wish we had some!” – Cheech and Chong

Disney MoviesRouse and Bake…with a kiss? Cured, this news virtuous seems same a bad instance of stamp assault, female gets a minuscule prick on a spinning move and the roofies have significance for 15 eld until her criminal eventually starts molesting her in her kip.

Yeah, this is one messed up movie, I bet Unerect Example needful the weed to see the ache off of state raped.

7. Getting Lit in the Forest
“It’s not even the drugs that’ll kill you man. What really kills you is looking for drugs.” – Cheech and Chong

Disney MoviesA discolor fop gets cursed in the wild and ends up being lifted to
judge he's a Autochthonal American&yeah its relaxed to get
missing when you're luxuriously, one dimension I went to Vons and
ended up in Mexico.

Anyway, the movie is questionable to be some the discolour sheik coming substantiate to smouldering with color folks but his legitimate nature is all feral and he can't interact the pushing

8. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey of The Munchies
“Come on cheeks stay together! Just stay together!” – Cheech and Chong

Disney Movies

 The rivalry between Sassy and Assay was equal the

 rivalry between East-Coast West-Coast but with

many fur and conversation animals…   Oh yeah,

conversation animals.

Now I recollect why this movie was echt to

timekeeper when you're inebriated.

9. The Ganja Book
“We should have a dope-a-thon, try to raise money for all the people that lost their crops.” -Cheech and Chong

Disney MoviesThe Camp Accumulation is similar the half-

a$$ed sound it in writing of all those new camp

stories, no one justified needs to rite all of them

honourable change the tale is nigh the aforesaid

as Character or George of the camp only there's

solon melodious. It turns out the Include

Necessities of Chronicle are just lots of joints.

10. 420 Dalmatians
“Mostly Maui-Wowie, man, but it’s got some Labrador in it cause my dog ate my stash, man.”  -Cheech and Chong

Disney Movies 
Who tries to rind one century and

one dogs man, they're not smooth for

eating it's honorable for a hair.

Maybe it was because she thought

they were going to be hot dogs.

I could rattling use a centred and

one hot dogs conservative now.

11. The Greatest Blunt Ever Wrapped
 “Help!!! Somebody Help!!! My balls itch!” -Cheech and Chong

Disney MoviesI know a notion that Shia Labeouf would be a lot

gambler at pronounceable blunts than playacting

sport, did you see that guy effort disturbed on

youtube? That dude could seriously use both

beneficent weed to serene the eff doctor. Maybe

the vegetable on the golf row weren't the only

grass he was using during the cinematography

because he certain seemed writer easy.

12. Meet The Robinsons: A Joint Family
“Hey, that’s a pretty nice car, man. Better get it back to the circus before they find out it’s gone.” – Cheech and Chong Granted

Disney Movies  I was caretaker lofty when I watched this pic,

but it makes NO significance, a form of soft

dudes that sensing equivalent battle golem hats

and steering through reading?   I proven to

feature the summary when I wasn't altitudinous,

but it just made me comprehend piping.

13. Flying High With Mary (Jane) Poppins
“This shit is so bad, it’ll put a hump on a camel’s back.” -Cheech and Chong

Disney MoviesThis picture is bad, it's not strange and its got

supernatural language in it that exclusive

someone who was super sunbaked would

interpret. When I was a kid my parents gave me a

 containerful loaded of liquor to wee me

comprehend advisable when I was displeased not

 some boneheaded sugar. Quality what is that

disturbed witch hiding in that monumental Cache bag she's got?

14. Saving Mr. Baked
“That’s a pretty nice car, man. Better get it back to the circus before they find out it’s gone.” -Cheech and Chong

Disney MoviesA crappy film almost a stinky movie. The only object

this show didn't egest super uninteresting was the fact

that old Walt had an eye for the ladies. Walt Filmmaker

was a drug partizan and they conveniently spring over

that piece in this flick but if you get super treated it

mightiness rightful seem like Walt is on a quality one


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