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About Life Insurance Plans

   Why Life insurance is most important for our life?

Mr. jack was very happy with his job, his all of the family members and his life is simple. He was all the time very serious with his financial all the time. His 12 years daughter and his 14 years son was studies at the school for completing their education carrier. His wife was also very serious for the financial reliable plans.

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After some days he suddenly appeared in the disease and he was admitted in the hospital for cure of disease. Due to 2 months in the hospital his all saved money in the bank are spender on his cure of disease. but if he had purchased medical insurance then all of his medical expensive was covered by the insurance company. His all treatment is covered by the insurance company all the life time if his insurance policy is all the time in his hand. His all financial treatment was covered by the insurance company.

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On the next time if he was felt again any other disease then he was also taken by the medical treatment. Even if the medical expenses are higher on the next time the company will support all of his medical treatment. He can use that money for his children’s higher studies or his children’s wedding also.  

If he not purchased the insurance policy plan. He could not be able to support all of his expansive. If he saved some amount of money for the insurance then he can be easily get many benefits for his future.

His family is also be able to get security in the futures plan if he died in any situation of natural death. You can say that the future long term saving money for his family. Life is GOD gift.

Quran Says that

This is truth everyone knows that one day he will die. We have to need use the saving for our future best way that can help us on the bad times. We use the savings in right areas that gives us the chances to grow the futures best plans. Different insurance companies have different plans of savings and criteria.


Insurance can be described in many different ways, from many views of its definition.
Insurance is a system that helps to decreases the chances of financial risk by providing the complete protection of risk from the company to the client or insurance policy purchaser.

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It also helps a partnership business to save the risk of business for example cotton factory insurance, a general store insurance, and other businesses like that. The insurance company will pay the claim that was given by the insurer that company will paid the all of the loss to the insurer. The party which purchases the insurance policy is known as insurer or assurer and the other party that covers the risk is known as insured or assured.

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