Hp is introducing new versions of laptops.

HP now soon introducing the new Laptops for there users which contains most amazing features that has not in another laptops and desktop systems. Windows 8 operating system with ultra-book that is also known as with name Envy SEVENTEEN and it is the actual Specter 13 x2 and known as the Specter 13 Ultra book is best note book.


The new laptop inventions are very useful for every one who want to use its business or its personal use of the system. the most amazing functionality contains laptops or notebooks of Hp are very useful and very best functionality contains.

HP Envy-17 having Leap Moment:

HP Envy-17 best laptop images

Moment-controlling system in laptops and computers is an not liked an idea as of now however it great to see HP merge into a unit whole the actual technology insides in the machines. HP Envy 17 is usually, only a standard Envy 17th laptop computers with this amazing technology.

HP Envy is come in the invention of Intel core with the laptops of i5 or i7 processor and its others small chips also have the same . It is very high and strong definition of Graphics with strong result have also contains in it. it have six GB of RAM and with the High HD Result space. its very high and very lovely displayed result of its Big screen.

You only use your hands and can get many applications of it for the using of your work on it. it is very useful of the developers its all functionalities are very useful for developers of applications on the system.Its new Technology allows you many new application use.

It have also included a small sensor that gives you many functionalities. it contains many functionalities just like moment of many things around you. It provides you the functionality also to gestured controlling system. you can control its all functionalities with your gestured. you can play song and movies also with using of your gestures to this notebook. 

Its best and very effective movement gives you many wonders actions on one platform.

In Envy 17 note book that gives you Leap Motions that can ON and OFF it depends on your functionalities. You can also play many games on this system or you can also use windows 8 functionalities all the time.

There are number of other functionalities also have with number of applications in it. They also includes many technologies also in it. HP Envy Seventeen starts in the mid of  October month.

New HP Specter 13 x2:

New HP Specter 13 x2 laptop

The New Version of Hp Specter 13x2 is the best and very first processing with fast speed laptop notebook. it have no includes fan in it. it is untouched screen. it have very high resolutions that have high definition Result of its screen. its colors are very beautiful and heart touching also. it is heart touching laptop. Hp Specter 13 x2 have Eight GB of  RAM and its Storage Space are two options that can be changed by the users 64 or 128.

It have also included the Slut card system also for increasing the memory in it. It is a real Aluminium Notebook. The Keyboard is well designed and very easy to use. it have 3.0 slots in it that are in universal series. In the month of Octuber its price was only $1099 .

 HP Specter 13 Ultra book :

HP Specter 13 Ultra book best and usefull

 This type of ultra book is the more reasonable. Having a {13|THIRTEEN} inch screen along screen and having with touch screen also and a ground-breaking image resolution also with a very high 2560 x 1440 pixels, it comes with a Core i5 and also with core i7 Intel Haswell processor chip in it and under the hood. This also includes 512 GB of SSD storage space in it.

Lacking bells and whistling sound of the same goupe with the Specter 13 Ultra-book still comes with a ultra-wide Synaptic touch pad with “Control Areas” on either part  to simplify process you in registering Windows 8 swipes.

It is Lanuched in15th of Octuber and will be available all the time. Its price is also in normal mode with its better design.

HP has currently involvement of worsening times, so its great to find out it using serious attempt in getting back its top PC-maker, an respect which it only recently lost to Lenovo.

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